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Entering Us

Liangyun Group was established in 1962 and has gone through nearly 60 years of ups and downs. Several generations of Liangyun people have worked hard to improve their performance, focusing on grain supply chain management. They have steadily practiced diversified industrial development and have now become a large joint-stock enterprise that covers five major industrial sectors and multiple fields, including grain supply chain business, product and new season sales, real estate development and comprehensive operations, cultural tourism and sports industry, financial investment and management, Each sector is gradually becoming a leader in segmented markets. Previously nominated for China's largest service industry enterprise, China's top 500 service industry enterprises, Liaoning Harmonious Enterprise, Dalian Top 50 Private Enterprises, Dalian Best Employer, etc.

It is our responsibility to continuously meet customers' increasingly upgraded material and cultural needs, build high-quality integrated living spaces covering all aspects of living, life, leisure, education, etc., and advocate and lead customers to cultivate healthy, green, high-quality, and rich lifestyles.

Industrial Development

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